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Why “marketing communications that truly lead your customers to action”?

Nicolás Duarte
Here's the breakdown:
Marketing Communications
- Both internal and external communications.
- They could be multi-channel, multi-format and multi-funnel-stage.
That Truly Lead to Action
- Buyer persona-driven.
- Objectives-driven.
- Use each channel’s hacks and hooks.
- Boosted by creativity.
Your customers
- Different audiences or stakeholders.
- Each one with its own pains, needs, and challenges.
- Require personalized approaches.
- Located in different stages of the funnel.

These are the 3 elements that propel your marketing comms:

1. Marketing Messaging.

Your marketing messaging should excel and outperform your competitors. I can help you gain clarity and relevance by working on these 4 elements:

- Industry analysis

Analyze your current marketing offer and research your competitors' communications and value propositions to discover the gaps you can fill and the edges you should harness.

- ICPs profiles

Pull together as much data of each customer segment -or stakeholder- as possible. Identify their pains, needs, and challenges, among other things. Knowing this will raise the relevance and effectiveness of the messaging.

- Value Propositions

Each customer segment or stakeholder perceives your brand's value differently. Translate your features into benefits and then establish relevant value propositions that ease their pains, needs, and challenges.

- Messages Map

Map out the strategic messaging you should provide to each customer segment, determine the action you want them to do, and identify the type of content they will find more valuable. It's the one-pager that summarizes your messaging strategy.

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2. Brand Essentials.

Before jumping into creating your marketing communications, I can help you define the key elements that will give your brand a voice and visual appeal to be easily distinguished by your customers.

- Brand Value Framework

A simple methodology to determine the brand's purpose, core audience mindset, beliefs, and personality. These elements surround and boost the main value proposition.

- Logo Design

Give your brand a modern and versatile face.

- Brand Visual Identity

Provide your brand with graphic elements, guidelines, and templates that facilitate the comms building.

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3. Creative Campaigns.

I can help you develop and activate integrated communications campaigns – internal or external – to reach your marketing goals. Let creativity take your customers - or stakeholders- into action.

- Attraction Funnel

Considering the marketing goal and each audience's journey, select the best-performing channels and set a compelling attraction and conversion flows.

- Creatives Ideation

Build a strong message for the campaign, convey it creatively and deploy it to multiple channels and formats across the attraction funnel.

- Execution and Optimization

Roll out the campaign and start to measure, learn, and pivot. The closer to its performance, the faster you can improve and go again with something stronger to reach your objectives.

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You can get more customers by improving your marketing communications.

Whether you have a B2C or a B2B business, well-crafted marketing communications can resonate with your customers and encourage them to act.

Tell me your needs, and let's start growing your business.