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Create marketing communications that truly lead your customers to action.

If you struggle with effectively getting customers to your business,  I can help you build relevant and compelling messages to attract and persuade them at any point of contact. From your elevator pitch, marketing material, or website copy up to an advertising campaign.

Improve your marketing communications now.

Nicolás Duarte
“It's not enough to have a great product or service. If your marketing messaging is average or cliché, your business might also be perceived like that”.

So, the plan to effectively impact your customers consists of 3 stages/steps:

1. Diagnosis of the business.

First, analyze your current products, services, customers, and competitors.

2. Brand Key Definitions.

Second, build the ideal customer personas, value propositions, messages map, and brand essentials.

3. Marketing Comms Creation.

Third, define the attraction funnels, build the creatives, and implement and optimize them toward the objectives.

Depending on your needs,
these partners can come on board as well:


A B2B branding and communications agency that works with co-participative frameworks to ensure effective outcomes.

Logo Ambidiestra


A creative advertising agency led by 2 globally-awarded creative directors that find magic in simple.

Logo Pepo&Gio

Iridian Consulting.

A digital agency passionate about development, data, and creativity, with the purpose of generating synergies, action, and ROI.

Logo Iridian Consulting

AdPro Media.

A media agency that simplifies digital media planning and buying through technology.

Logo AdPro Media

How to get started:

1. Book a free consultation now.

2. Agree on the scope and budget.

3. Start improving your marketing comms.

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These brands decided to boost their marketing comms. Now it’s your turn.

Nicolas has been a great partner with us leading our brands’ accounts. His key strenghts are his creativity, his high client service levels and his learning mindset.
Cristina Dávila, Marketing Senior Director Salty Snacks PepsiCo LATAM.
Nicolás was instrumental in helping us redefine our brand fundamentals and inspire a whole team to embrace change.  I would recommend Nicolás to anyone who needs to think critically about their business and needs a partner that can lead a complex process, ask the right questions, gather the right insights and lead with passion.
Sarah Baldwin, Managing Director Shine Communications.
Working with Nicolas has been a great experience. His passion for work, resilience and ability to understand business needs and create as a team has been the key to developing products and new ideas beyond expectations.
Adriana Arismendi, Marketing VP Bancolombia.

You can get more customers by improving your marketing communications.

Whether you have a B2C or a B2B business, well-crafted marketing communications can resonate with your customers and encourage them to act.  

Email me with your needs, and let's grow your business.
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